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::Masturbation Techniques::

Everything sex related entices creativeness, as everyone reckons that no relationship can long last without both partners willing to reach out new levels of pleasure.

If you're able to spend time effortlessly looking for some new and different techniques to satisfy your partner and spice up your relationship, why can't you look for such techniques to improve your relationship with the one you care most? Yourself that is.

To know your own body is of essence. How would you tell your partner where you like to be touched without knowing it yourself? Besides, masturbation may improve your body control, helps to reduce stress and the likelihood of prostate cancer. Also, it's good to remember that masturbation isn't wrong or unclean, being actually healthy.

But the most important and obvious is that masturbation is fun and feels really great. So let's check out some popular or even unconventional ways of masturbation:

Male Masturbation Techniques:

  • The Single Fist Technique - the most popular method that is. It consists in holding the penis with one hand and so sliding it to and fro.
  • Paperwork - try to wrap your penis with toilet paper, then you may simulate the thrust of intercourse. Putting some warm water on the paper may heighten sensation.
  • Pillowing - place a pillow down on your bed or over another pillow and then thrust your penis between them. It's wise to be using a condom; otherwise you'll spend some extra cash on laundry.
  • Feathering - this is as funny as interesting. Use a (clean) feather, to stimulate your penis gland. It may seem weird to begin with, but with some practice and concentration you will hit the roof...
  • The Tip - here you're gonna use just the tip of your finger to stimulate your penis gland, by tracing circles around it, or gently tapping. That may cause a surprisingly intense orgasm and a strong erection.
  • Snow Cones - Just masturbate normally or by using some sort of a sex toy ( you can find a bunch at ) until you're almost there. Then grab some ice cubes or preferable crushed ice and masturbate with them. Weird as it may sound, it's really "cool."
    If you are a complete beginner and have absolutely no idea even where to start, you should get yourself some sex toy advice before you start spending money. This will prevent you from making a costly mistake.There a many online professionals who can help you to select the most suitable one.
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Most of these masturbation techniques may be adjustable for women, let's see some more:

  • The Shower Head - this one is straight-forward and so far one of women's top ten. Just adjust the water temperature , find a comfortable position to snug in and move the water spurt back and forth close to your clit.
  • Laundry Service - this may also sound weird, but sitting on top of a washing (or dryer) machine while masturbating feels really great because of the heat and the vibrations. Not to be performed at public launderettes for safety reasons.
  • You may use certain devices to penetrate your vagina or anus carefully. These devices ought to be clean, lubricated and unlikely to break or harm inside you. Dildos are the safest option available.
  • ABC - Use your fingers to trace the actual letters of the alphabet across your clitoris area. It will help you to discover what kind of stroke that makes you forget what letter comes next
  • Stockings - get a stocking or a pair of hose pants (silk ones are better) and pass them between your legs. Gently pull it back and forth between your vaginal lips and against your clitoris.
  • Tapping - spread your vaginal lips until your clitoris is exposed. Then gently start to tap your clit gland. It requires a little bit of practice.

These masturbation tips are a good starting point, now the key is just to put your creativity to work!



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