Interesting Weird Museums in U.S

feature-1We, as a nation, love, weird things. We commend it; wear T-shirts announcing our unusual quality, and enshrine oddities that probably should to have gone out with the trash 10 years back. Furthermore, that is OK. At Yahoo Travel, we went looking for wonderful, weird and wacky museums that worth to going out all the way to see. We recognize that behind each odd museum’s hall stands a dedicated group of weirdo’s committed to presenting to you their passion. America is a country that has dependably been love with the unusual, the shocking, the paranormal, and the just plain weird. It should come as no surprise then that our nation is rich in museums, playing to our craving for the weird and titillating.

The first stop is the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine, devoted to documenting “unknown” creatures. The issue, as you may have already acknowledged, is that these creatures are unknown. If this museum is an indication, the most best way to approach and to document something unknown is to make models and simply begin making questions. “Do Giant Beavers still exist?” Did they ever? Do you assume Indiana Jones ever battled them? For being about not-genuine things, the show do not disappoint.

Next is we need to say in advance that California needs a gallery of weird galleries to stay informed regarding the peculiarities housed all through the state. The International Banana Museum is a whimsical relief.

Time to get weirder. Five hours drive toward the south is the Mutter Museum, which bills itself as “disturbingly informative.” The exhibition hall is one of just two spots where you can see parts of Albert Einstein’s brain. While there’s no proof that looking at the mind of a genius will help your own particular frontal lobe, it cannot hurt. We’ve got one all the more terrifyingly weird museums and afterward we’ll proceed onward to some lighter-hearted destinations.

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