::Know How To Masturbate - For Guys::

When it comes to masturbation, people usually tend to consider it as something dirty or wrong (you probably have heard stories about hairy palms, pimples, blindness, insanity or even sexual impotency), ignoring the fact that masturbation is a healthy custom, at any rate.

Despite all the myths, researches found that 94% of boys masturbate during their entire adolescence, most of them on a daily basis, while the other 6%... were likely to be lying about it. During adulthood, it is also know that most men continue to masturbate on a regular basis, even when they are married or committed to a long-term relationship. Those facts help us to understand that masturbation can't really be considered bad for our health at all.

If you really know how to masturbate, you're actually improving your control to sexual responsiveness and to delay your orgasm and ejaculation, what helps you to dedicate more time in giving pleasure to your partner. If that was the only advantage, it would be enough for you to want to improve your masturbation techniques, but there's actually more. Masturbation is the best ways to release your sexual tension, which is something that builds up naturally. Masturbation is also one of the most sincere ways to show love for yourself, have self-gratification or just fun. It's the only sexual act when you don't have to worry in satisfying anyone else.

It's also very important to know that there's no limit for how much you can masturbate. Each person has a specific sexual drive, so you're not gonna be a pervert if you masturbate everyday, as well as you're not less manly if you usually jerk off once in a week. It can only be a problem if getting in the way of your daily activities, or if you'd rather be playing with yourself than having sex with your girlfriend.


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