::Masturbation and Catholic Religion::

In spite of the "self love" act; the "lonely addiction" being very normal, natural and harmless as practice, there are some refusing-focuses that come totally against what doctors, psychologists and the science, in general, think. One of these focuses, are indeed, conservative families, that raise their children according to some backward school of thought and ideas; they think that masturbation is wrong; a dirty practice; an impure way of exploring your body. People which grow in such conservative environment don't develop their sexuality as it should be developed.

The catholic religion, for example, preaches that every act of nature practiced without aimed ending is a sin. That includes masturbation, because their doctrine explains that, according to God's laws, people can have sex only to reproduce. This way, once masturbation is all about pleasuring yourself, and there is not any kind of reward (reproduction), it is, indeed, a sin. In contrast, human beings have sexual needs. That is as normal as see or breathe. Once people have thoughts, ideas and can rationally think, they are able to explore their bodies, and that, obviously result on a very good, relaxing, pleasurable thing: orgasm. When people taste it, this sensation becomes very difficult to forget. Religious people, differently, measured their lives according to their beliefs and creeds, and if their ideas of life are comfortable with this situation, it would be normal and not so difficult to live without sex or masturbation. It would be replaced by other things, like spiritualization and soul-leveling.

It wouldn't be wrong to experiment what your body can provide you, in spite of many religions claim that it is wrong and impure. If Catholics think that this kind of thing would be important for their lives, they must keep open-minded to get along with their feelings and, if necessary, talk to father, or something like that. The only thing that is not possible to live with, are feelings of pain, regret and shame. In fact, these feelings are sins that people can commit to themselves; to their minds and bodies. And that could have catastrophic ends.


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