::Problems of Overmasturbation::

Masturbation harms no health and features no risk of side effects either. However, as pleasurable, it might become addictive just like alcoholism. That might not be just masturbation- related, but as to hyperactive sexual behavior, essentially. A problem is when sex - or obtaining sexual pleasure - turns out to be major concern. Those "masturbation addicts", for example, may harbor feelings of isolation and self-imposed guilt, likely to get in the way of other life aspects.

It is worth mentioning that these people generally present no sexual dysfunction as in precocious ejaculation or impotency. Their sexual performance is quite normal and does not present any aggravating symptoms.

This type of obsessive behavior could be interpreted as a way to decrease fits of anxiety, solitude and fear, acting out as a tranquilizer; a simple addiction, as said before; or even, mental impairment as result of neural substance imbalance.

A school of thought argues that pleasure obtained through compulsory masturbation does not bring ultimate sexual pleasure at all due to elapsed time put into it. Conversely, it's unlikely to become boring in anyway, in other words, upkeep is what really makes it an obsession - the pleasure created, always so grateful.

To solve it properly, the first step is to admit that the problem exists, and somehow impairs performance in other activities so the lack of interest in anything other than that. So, the following question should suffice: What reason takes someone to overdo masturbation? This question must be pertinent, for masturbation; itself is not troublesome but a good relief valve, a way to escape of so much falling in mind.

According to the source of concern, whether psychological or physical, treatments might be at hand. In spite of being, in most cases, lengthy procedures, effectiveness is evident. Support groups have proved a good way to reduce this problem, while serious cases of compulsion call for psychotherapy treatment. When its source is physical, there are, today, inhibitor medications for treatment aid.


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